Botanical Garden

Modern College is one of the first colleges in the state to have a dedicated Botanical Garden. It is located at Piphema Campus where the college is spread over 102 acres of land of which 5 acres of land is exclusively allotted for the garden.

Modern College, Piphema Campus has a unique ecosystem which spreads through the biologically diverse and productive habitat of native flora and fauna and is aesthetically blended with introduced vegetation. The importance of setting up a botanic garden in the campus was felt because of the multipurpose objectives it serves. In the age of shrinking green spaces, they also serve the purpose of giving an enjoyable outdoor recreation to visitors by supplying fresh and cool air with its greens.


The principal objectives of the garden are as follows:-

i. To facilitate ex-situ conservation for protecting and propagating species which are rare, threatened and endemic to Nagaland and North East India.

ii. To develop into a Centre of Excellence (CoE) for research, education and response to the conservation needs of rare, threatened and endangered plants and trees species.

iii. To serve as an educational and recreational site through the development of facilities and services that will benefit both communities (students and residents) and tourists alike

iv. To raise a sustainable as well as viable medicinal plant garden conservatory.

v. To integrate conservation activities with agricultural and genetic resources development.

vi. To disseminate to knowledge of plant conservation and preservation to the public.

vii. Create public awareness.


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